Why Choosing The Right Font For Your Photo Designs Is Pertinent

Why Choosing The Right Font For Your Photo Designs Is Pertinent

Since you’re already here — on text2photo — then it means you are somehow interested in designs. Now, you may not be a professional or even want to be one. Still, we believe that it’s only fair that you get some basic insight about designing that can help you come up with something you’ll truly feel proud of.

Fonts. That’s the thing we’ll explain to you in this brief post. You may think fonts are small — they are — but they are also pretty significant. 

The text2photo online photo editor has at least 1000 Google fonts, so it should come as no surprise that we’re always excited about fonts.

What are fonts?

A font is a graphically written text. Fonts usually differ in size, weight, color, and design. Different fonts have different uses. For example, Times New Roman font is often used in formal and academic settings.

Now that we’ve reminded you of the meaning of fonts, here’s why choosing the right one for your photo edits and design is essential;

Fonts are a reflection of your personality and character 

Fonts frequently send out a subtle personality statement. In certain ways, it presents a representation of the kind of artist you are (everyone is an artist of some sort). 

It might seem too far-fetched but somehow when people read certain texts in certain fonts, it presents them with a perception of what it means or what it reflects, even more than the message itself. For example, the brand character of a bank represents seriousness and formality so it's highly unlikely that the bank uses the rather artistic free-living Poppins font in presenting your bank statement.

Fonts attract

Fonts are similar to a good scent, they draw people in — or out. Fonts make it easier for anyone to notice your work. Even though it’s not exactly what you want them to notice, it pulls them in, thereby giving them the chance to admire every other detail

Fonts show creativity

As we said earlier, there are a whole lot of fonts to choose from. Certain fonts are more used than others in design, and others are seldom used. Choosing a different font that appeals to you shows uniqueness. Mixing different fonts and balancing them properly also shows high levels of creativity.

Fonts show expertise (For the pros and the wannabe pros)

The right font exhibits a show of professionalism. There are so many fonts to choose from and many times, creatives (especially new ones) might go overboard and overdo things, which is usually obvious. So it’s quite important to choose the right font, as it makes your work have the spice of expertise. 

Fonts establish an identity (Our favorite)

A consistent font creates a sense of identity. It makes for a distinction between creative pieces — any piece actually. It also helps differentiate your work from others. The recognisability of your work is directly attributed to the font used. 

It’s like a flag. Choose your flag rightly.


If you’re going to be adding text to your photos, we want you to do so at the highest level.

Text2photo has a comprehensive database of fonts of different styles and appeal. Go to our online photo editor and try on as many fonts as you want.

You may find “the one” there but you’ll certainly find all of them.